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Earthquake: Cholera Outbreak and Hurricane Matthew

earthquake: Instead of reviewing facts about conditions in Haiti since the earthquake, including an ongoing cholera outbreak and destruction from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Homeland Security officials sought to bolster stereotypes about blacks and immigrants committing crimes and receiving public assistance, according to the lawsuit, according to Metro News. The temporary protected status allowing Haitians to legally live and work in the U.S. after the 2010 earthquake had been renewed repeatedly, to the chagrin of critics who said the humanitarian measure never intended to allow immigrants to establish roots in this country. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Maryland federal court, the NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund said Homeland Security officials failed to follow the normal decision-making process when considering whether to renew the temporary protected status granted to Haitian immigrants since a devastating earthquake struck the Caribbean country in 2010. The Trump administration announced in November that Haitians with the protected status would have until July 2019 to get their affairs in order and return home. It also quotes separate reports that Trump said thousands of Haitians who came to the U.S. in 2017 all have AIDS, and that he used vulgar language to question why the country needed more immigrants from Haiti or from African countries instead of from countries like Norway. The lawsuit cites a 2017 report from The Associated Press detailing U.S. immigration officials' attempts to find data on Haitians with protected status committing crimes or receiving public assistance. ( As reported in the news.