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Donald: Trump and Health Care

donald: And although it's pricey, the country last year was named the happiest on Earth.U.S. President Donald Trump says the United States should take in more Norwegians, but is it any wonder that more Americans are going the other way The country of 5.2 million people that seldom makes global headlines awoke Friday to the news that Trump wanted to have more immigrants from Norway, rather than Haiti and countries in Africa that he disparaged with a vulgar term, according to Toronto Star. Read more African UN ambassadors blast Trump's s---hole' remark as outrageous, racist and xenophobic' Article Continued Below Analysis Daniel Dale Donald Trump tried to show you he's sane and stable. There's a generous safety net of health care and pensions. His week became a running fiasco Analysis Mitch Potter Naturally, Trump won't apologize for his s---holes' slur. His remarks were seen in Oslo as racially charged and sharply at odds with Norwegian values of inclusivity. react-empty 163 This says a lot about what Trump thinks it means to be an American. So America is doing it for him The comments came after Trump met Wednesday with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in Washington. ( As reported in the news.