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Disc-Shaped Cake: Venezuela and Arepas

disc-shaped cake: They're a disc-shaped cake made of corn flower with a pocket perfect for filling, according to Metro News. They're a historic food long before they hit city streets, arepas were made by indigenous peoples who lived in what is now Venezuela and Colombia. On a block of Main Street between Kohli's barbershop and the Tandoori Oven restaurant, Yarina Ramos makes arepas. If you visited Venezuela before, you can find a place that's 24 hours with 30 different things to put in the arepas, said Ramos, 47, owner of Chevere Eh at 6440 Main St. When she says Venezuela before, she means a different time. Different kinds of cheese, beef, seafood like tuna everything goes into the arepa. ( As reported in the news.