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Deportation Hearing: Tuesday Night and Assault Conviction

deportation hearing: His case has become a rallying point for advocates of immigration reform, with calls to halt his deportation hearing and a protest planned Tuesday night outside a Halifax-area town hall being held by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to CTV. Abdi, facing ejection because of a criminal record including an aggravated assault conviction, has spent his life in Canada, but never obtained citizenship after he was apprehended as a child by the Nova Scotia government and put into foster care. At 24, he's now facing deportation to Somalia -- a country so dangerous Canada has imposed sweeping travel restrictions and which he has no connection to. This is really a story about a child falling through a massive legal gap that prevented him from applying for citizenship on his own and a policy gap that created a situation where his legal guardian did not apply for citizenship, said Benjamin Perryman, Abdi's Halifax-based lawyer. Between the ages of eight and 19, Abdi was moved 31 times, separated from his sister and never completed high school. The boy and his sister were taken from his struggling aunt, who spoke little English, less than a year after arriving in Canada. ( As reported in the news.