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Couple: Applicant Someone and Cent Maintenance

couple: All of this was done legally, only to find out, after a few years of red tape and jumping through hoops, that 58 is too old to be considered an acceptable applicant, according to The Chronicle Herald. Someone has to seriously question our laws when the federal government won't allow in the perfect immigrants, yet are willing to reintegrate ISIS fighters back into our country with open arms. Then you have the couple from the U.S. who were refused because they are essentially too old Dec. 23 story . This couple is 100 per cent maintenance free financially secure, medically secure, landowners and wanting to open a business leading to possible employment for others. Rob Hazel, Porters Lake Age bias insulting Thanks to your reporter, Aaron Beswick, for presenting a factual, non-opinionated story of the Smith family's ordeal with Immigration Canada Age derails couple's dream, Dec. 23 . The report kept to the high ground and made no mention of how we seem to welcome legal and illegal refugees with open arms. This cannot help in our efforts to attract good people to Nova Scotia and it really makes a mockery of our online advertising. These people, however, were made to feel very unwelcome by insensitive, inefficient, bungling bureaucrats. ( As reported in the news.