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Citizenship Rights: Canadian Citizenship

citizenship rights: Those laws keep changing and although most of the changes are for the better, each time it happens, someone is surprised to find out they don't qualify for citizenship, according to National Observer. Don Chapman, author of The Lost Canadians A Struggle for Citizenship Rights, Equality, and Identity, has been an advocate for the Lost Canadians for years, after his struggles with losing citizenship and fighting to regain it. Consider what it would be like to grow up in Canada with Canadian parents, but then have a baby in another country and discover your child is not entitled to Canadian citizenship. ; It's happened to many people over the past few decades, as Canada has changed its citizenship laws. Loopholes in the law Chapman warns that citizenship in Canada is not written into constitutional law. Citizenship is a constitutional right in the United States, Chapman said in an interview with National Observer. He argues the problem that has plagued Canadian citizenship for more than 100 years is that citizenship laws which still have discriminatory loopholes keep changing, depending on which government takes power. ( As reported in the news.