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Cbc News: Citizenship and Government

cbc news: On Friday Demos got a one-paragraph email from an analyst with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada telling her the news five days after CBC News published a story about her ordeal with the department, according to CBC. Government letter tells mom of 4 she's not Canadian'Lost Canadian' sues government for citizenship In a letter she received earlier this month, the registrar of citizenship told Demos the government had changed its records to reflect the fact she no longer held citizenship in addition to cancelling a citizenship certificate she held. I'm glad I get to stay, said Anneliese Demos, who hails from Paraguay and has lived in Canada since she was two-years-old. Demos is a so-called Lost Canadian due to a law that required second-generation Canadians who were born outside Canada to re-apply for citizenship before turning 28. Anneliese Demos came to Canada with her family at age two. Demos said she wasn't aware of the law. ( As reported in the news.