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Canadian Press: City Kilometres and Ekos Research

canadian press: Why As the local joke goes because Oshawans are just that desperate for an escape from their reality, according to CTV. In extensive polling by EKOS Research and The Canadian Press, Oshawa was the city in Canada home to the highest number of respondents with a pessimistic view of the world -- a view that's in lockstep with the attitudes believed to underpin 21st-century populist forces in play globally. Yet, three shops selling comics, toys and games manage to hang on in this city 60 kilometres from Toronto. All three federal political parties have spoken out about the potential for the economic and cultural discontent fuelling populist politics to come to roost in Canada. EKOS and The Canadian Press sought, through a major poll of 12,604 Canadians, to figure out where they were and what they were saying. The Liberals use it as a reason to justify their progressive trade agenda; some Conservatives echoed it during their recent leadership race and the New Democrats are hoping to capitalize on leftist populism akin to what Bernie Sanders did in the U.S. But a key theme also running through the anti-establishment sentiment around the world is the sense that no one is listening to the voices of those driving it. ( As reported in the news.