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Canadian Citizenship: Prison Term and Role Model

canadian citizenship: In an interview with The Canadian Press, Abdi said he has paid for his mistakes and wants the federal government to halt any attempt to deport him, according to The Chronicle Herald. The 24-year-old man said he has no remaining ties to the war-torn country, and wants to get on with his life after serving his prison term and be a role model for his daughter. Abdi, who never got Canadian citizenship while growing up in foster care in Nova Scotia, was held by the Canada Border Services Agency after spending five years in prison for multiple offences, including aggravated assault. They're trying to send me back after my culture has been wiped from me, after my language has been wiped from me, after everything I knew there all my family and everything was taken from me, they want to send me back, said Abdi from Toronto. The case has become a rallying point for advocates who say it was wrong for the province to fail to apply for citizenship on his behalf. It's the greatest injustice I've ever seen done to anybody. ( As reported in the news.