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British Columbia: I Reply and Vancouver Police

british columbia: The province is no longer very British, if it ever was.article continues below Trending Stories Gang activity on the rise in Vancouver Robson Square pot market out of control,' Vancouver police say Song remains the same over rumours Led Zeppelin played at Eric Hamber high school Strong winds knock out power; Mt, according to Vancouver Courier. Washington snowed in; ferry sailings resumerelated Trutch Street, named for 'racist' politician, up for debate One-year-old Crosstown elementary could be getting a new name So why, Pires asks again, is it still called British Columbia To which, again, I reply Because Saskatchewan had first choice No, Victoria's Pires is serious about this, just as he was a decade ago when he pitched the idea to then-premier Gordon Campbell and B.C.'s MLAs. The demographics have shifted further, he says, with people drawn here from around the world. Or, at least, the former president of Victoria's Inter-Cultural Association is serious about getting people to think of what it takes to be an inclusive society. Whole countries do it. And no, he says, it doesn't help when the name of place can be read as a declaration of who really belongs.B.C. wouldn't be the first place to change its name. ( As reported in the news.