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Brian Bonney: Butcher and Community Sentence

brian bonney: Butcher said Bonney provided confidential information to seven people he supervised as they worked to woo ethnic communities ahead of the 2013 election, which was won by then-premier Christy Clark's Liberals, according to CBC. The court should send a strong and clear message to those involved in politics that breach of trust will be treated in a serious manner, Butcher said after outlining Bonney's decades of political involvement. David Butcher told provincial court Tuesday that Brian Bonney should serve a community sentence of 12 to 23 months after pleading guilty to breach of trust last October for his part in the partisan use of taxpayer resources to garner support of multicultural communities. Company owned by former B.C. government director pleads guilty to Elections Act violation Targeted voters in 18 ridings Bonney was charged in May 2016 for what was outlined as a quick wins strategy in a document Butcher presented in court. The number of people from each of those communities could easily determine the outcome in each of those swing ridings, Butcher told Judge David St. He said it shows the plan went beyond simply reaching out to involve visible minorities in the political process and targeted them in about 18 swing ridings. ( As reported in the news.