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American Immigration: Donald Trump and Name-Calling Path

american immigration: It's literally that easy to go down the name-calling path, but while it is tempting to discuss this latest round of Donald Trump's vulgarism through the lens of his character, it serves us better to see it for what it represents the contemptuous attitudes and biases that inform North American immigration policy-making, according to Toronto Star. No amount of name-calling can match Trump's indignity as he plumbs the depths of classlessness and breadth of ignorance, even as he begins a late backtrack of whether he called Haiti, El Salvador and African countries s---holes on Thursday. Back off. In a meeting with Senators and House members on immigration, the President of the United States is reported saying, Why do we want all these people from s---hole countries' coming here Article Continued Below The U.S. should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, he said. The leader of the country that kidnapped and forced Black people onto its shores wants them out now that their labour isn't free. Asians he would be open to, since they helped the country economically. ( As reported in the news.