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African Nations: Haitian Immigrants

african nations: Tariro Hicks, 34, originally from Zimbabwe, came to Newfoundland in May 2010, to work as a nurse for Eastern Health, according to CBC. Upon hearing Trump's reported remarks that he questioned the need for Haitian immigrants as well as wondering why the U.S. would bring in immigrants from African nations, which he reportedly called shithole countries her response was, It's Donald Trump. John's residents, U.S. President Donald Trump's reported comments disparaging immigration from developing nations were upsetting but not necessarily surprising. Trump asks why U.S. would want immigrants from 'shithole countries' That was my first thought. I would be surprised if I heard something nice come out of his mouth. I laugh at stuff like that, because I think people should really know that's Donald Trump, she said. ( As reported in the news.