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African Nations: Dick Durbin and Golf Course

african nations: Dick Durbin misrepresented what he had said about African nations and Haiti and, in the process, undermined the trust needed to make a deal, according to The Chronicle Herald. On a day of remembrance for Rev. President Donald Trump turned his Twitter torment Monday on the Democrat in the room where immigration talks with lawmakers took a famously coarse turn, saying Sen. Martin Luther King Jr., Trump spent time at his golf course with no public events, bypassing the acts of service that his predecessor staged in honour of the civil rights leader. That message was a distinct counterpoint to words attributed to Trump by Durbin and others at a meeting last week, when the question of where immigrants come from seemed at the forefront of Trump's concerns. Instead Trump dedicated his weekly address to King's memory, saying King's dream and America's are the same a world where people are judged by who they are, not how they look or where they come from. ( As reported in the news.