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Action Irritation and I Couldn

eyes: What does diversity mean to you The eager faces around the table had shined in anticipation and I remember pausing in confusion, according to Toronto Star. Were they looking for a standard answer, or were they waiting for the one visible minority in the room to unveil the meaning of the enigmatic term that has been floating in organizational workspaces since it was chosen to replace affirmative action Irritation took over my mind and I remember sitting up taller in my chair, meeting each pair of eyes as I slowly spoke and said something to the effect of, I'm not sure exactly. As I answered the standard queries posed to me by the panel, the inevitable question made its appearance. Eyes had widened but I couldn't stop. But I am not sure that we still need a term for this. I suppose it means representing everyone from all backgrounds, and putting up pictures on websites and marketing material that reflects the intended audience. ( As reported in the news.