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Abdi Kwan: Abdi and Government Something

abdi kwan: During a town hall event in Lower Sackville on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, responding to a question from Abdi's sister who attended the event, acknowledged that the care system failed Abdi, according to The Chronicle Herald. Kwan said this acknowledgement of failure should make it clear to government something must be done. Speaking with The Chronicle Herald, Kwan said she is appealing to both the federal ministers of immigration and public safety to intervene and stop the process of seeking his deportation. If the prime minister is saying that the system has failed Abdi then what action will the government do to rectify this she said. On Thursday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh also voiced concern on Twitter over efforts to deport Abdi. It is within the authority of the minister to take action. ( As reported in the news.