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Year Range: Investment Business and Passports Offer

year range: In return, millions of dollars in commissions are being paid to middlemen often Canadians. '1111915587851', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container23473128', 'ciid' 'caffeine14438809' ; Is Canadian citizenship for sale 3 47 Estimates by top industry insiders of just how much the citizenship by investment business is worth each year range from 1 billion to 10 billion, according to CBC. One of the biggest attractions for potential investors is the visa-free access the passports offer to more than 100 countries, including the European Union. Industry insiders paint a picture of a multi-million dollar industry that runs in large part through Canada, connecting wealthy individuals from areas like China, Russia and the Middle East to citizenship by investment programs around the world. Without that access, citizens of some countries like China or Russia have to go through the paperwork of applying for separate visas for each country they want to visit. Antigua and Barbuda's program was designed by Don Myatt, a former Canadian federal public servant who worked with Henley and Partners, which designs and markets citizenship by investment programs. Canadians aren't only involved in promoting the programs they're also designing and running some of them. ( As reported in the news.