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Syrian Crisis: Diesel and Government Control

syrian crisis: In 2013, Talal Al Do, an engineer who had just graduated from the University of Toronto, started working with UOSSM to introduce solar energy to the country's hospitals after Syria's crippled electricity system started causing problems with aid efforts, according to CTV. Parts of Syria that the government doesn't control relied entirely on diesel generators to keep their hospitals running. The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations UOSSM is an international medical aid organization that was set up in 2012 to provide medical care for the Syrian crisis, and currently has 2,000 people working in the country. But Al Do says using diesel was troubling because armed groups like ISIL had seized the pipelines and were profiting from the sales of diesel. Where you actually procure diesel to sustain service, but at the same time you empower the forces that are sustaining the war. It created a very vicious cycle of the war economy, said Al Do. ( As reported in the news.