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Skyscraper Windows: Bandwagon Fan and Ticker Tape

skyscraper windows: If stockbrokers still used ticker tape, and if modern skyscraper windows could open, certainly some paper would have rained down on them too, according to Toronto Star. The city was happy. The team arrived in an open-air double-decker bus that left Maple Leaf Square and crawled up Bay St. as people cheered it along. As a classic bandwagon fan that arrives late to the game, distracted by other things during the regular season, I applaud the fans who are there for the long haul, cheering on our various teams during the good and bad times alike. Big sports games are euphoric civic moments, connecting people together across cultures and classes, even if just temporarily. What I do truly love to participate in, though, are the celebrations after important wins. ( As reported in the news.