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Samara Canada: Thursday Evening and Jane Hilderman

samara canada: The greatest joy for me is how much I get inspired every year meeting folks like Lorelei, Jane Hilderman, the non-profit's executive director, told Metro in a phone interview, who have actually been doing this for a while but haven't necessarily hit the national platform yet they deserve, according to Metro News. Lorelei has managed to find a way to take tragedy the experiences that affected her family and turn that into something other people can relate to, be involved in, and offers some healing. Keeping it secret until it's announced has been hard I wanted to see my kids' reaction! That announcement that she was chosen by Samara Canada out of nine shortlisted Canadians was unveiled Thursday evening in a Toronto ceremony. Hilderman hopes Williams can use Thursday's award to talk about her work on missing and murdered Indigenous women that's she's been tirelessly devoted to. It's an issue she knows personally, and speaking out through a steady stream of media interviews, through her dance troupe Butterflies in Spirit, and through the Aboriginal policing centre where she works hasn't been easy, she revealed. The 37-year-old Skatin and Sts'ailes First Nation member, who studies Aboriginal justice at Vancouver's Native Education College, has been one of B.C.'s most outspoken advocates for missing and murdered Indigenous women. ( As reported in the news.