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Rosary Church: Gossip Bombs and I Promise

rosary church: I don't know if it will be better or worse, but I promise it will be less boring, he quipped, according to CBC. And then for the next 15 minutes, Francis had the crowd in stitches, mixing paternal advice on how to tend to religious vocations with tenderness with gentle warnings about the havoc that gossip bombs can wreak when lobbed in closed religious life. As he has done in similar encounters, Francis told the priests and nuns gathered in Dhaka's Holy Rosary Church that he was ditching the eight-page speech that he had prepared and would instead speak to them from his heart. Pope Francis issues sharp critique of Vatican bureaucracy How many religious communities have been destroyed because of a spirit of gossip said Francis, adding that he was speaking from personal experience. History's first Jesuit pope has frequently lamented the damage gossip can do within the church, where vows of obedience, strict hierarchies and closed communities can breed jealousies and resentment. Please, bite your tongue. ( As reported in the news.