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Reconstruction Money: Refugee Crisis and President Power

reconstruction money: This list is by no means exhaustive and so please send me suggestions at toolkit and I will be happy to add them.1, according to Rabble. Syria ISIS has been routed from Syria and the Assad government is reinstalled. Given the huge need around the world, and here in Canada, this guide is meant to help you inform your giving. The country is in ruins and the wars in the Middle East have created the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. However, there is high probability that the reconstruction money given to the government will not get to all Syrians and will be used to sure up President Assad's power. Daher argues that two ulterior motives underlie the Syrian government's approach to reconstruction Consolidating political and economic power within a narrow circle of Syrian elites connected to the ruling Assad family and quelling dissent in former opposition areas. The Syrian government's plans for rebuilding the country's wrecked cities and governorates are starting to take shape, but there are warning signs the process may not necessarily be geared towards recovery and renewal, according to Swiss-Syrian academic and author Joseph Daher. ( As reported in the news.