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Reactions: People and Extreme-Right Discourse

reactions: People who don't all have doctorates, according to Rabble. Very ordinary people. This fits with other recent statements by Labeaume, such as that there is a big danger in being disconnected from the population and to not see that the extreme-right discourse is an ideological refuge for a lot of people. People who are disgusted. Doubly so due to the fact that the far right also mustered in large numbers in Quebec in March and in August -- as well as recently in other cities such as London, Ont., Toronto, Calgary and, most infamously, Charlottesville, North Carolina -- and that these gatherings are often met with very muted reactions from politicians.I'm in solid company on November 28, hate-crimes expert Barbara Perry told CBC Radio's The Current host Anna Maria Tremonti she is concerned about the lack of condemnation by politicians of the far right's increasing muscle-flexing. As an eyewitness to the November 25 events, I'm aghast at the mayor's blatant defence of the right-wing and of the violence against the people protesting them. ( As reported in the news.