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Pro-Refugee Stance: Party and Germany

pro-refugee stance: Alexander Gauland, one of the party's parliamentary leaders and a power within AfD, was elected as co-chair, according to Toronto Star. Read more This German mayor was stabbed in neck for his pro-refugee stance. Joerg Meuthen was re-elected as chairman at the first full party congress since the Alternative for Germany, known as AfD, won seats in the national parliament for the first time. He was saved by a kebab shop owner Article Continued Below Germany's nationalist, anti-immigrant party rides discontent in east to third-place election finish Analysis Germany's Angela Merkel preserves command, but far-right takes bite The position Gauland assumes had been vacant since the day after the September election. Alternative for Germany received almost 13 per cent of the vote in the Sept. 24 federal election, making it the third-strongest party in the Bundestag. Former party co-leader Frauke Petry said AfD was flirting with far-right extremism and quit, saying she would not represent it in the Bundestag. react-empty 156 Both Meuthen and Gauland belong to the more conservative wing of the nationalist party. ( As reported in the news.