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Police: Vancouver and Community

police: Furthermore, during community consultations, people from several marginalized groups frequently spoke up about not wanting police at Vancouver's Pride Parade.article continues below Trending Stories City identifies another site for homeless housing in Vancouver City seeks court injunction to get Marpole homeless housing built Cheeky umbrellas capitalize on a Vancouver constant Kerfuffle at Kitsilano Community Centrerelated Black Lives Matter criticizes Vancouver Pride Society performative tweaks'No cop cars, fewer uniformed police in Vancouver Pride Parade We engaged in a fairly extensive community consultation after our 2016 season, and police participation was one of the topics that came up often... we heard from queer people of colour, the trans community... and Indigenous people, who felt the same kinds of things Black Lives Matter was talking about in the media, so we took that information in and talked to many people on all sides of the issue, she said, according to Vancouver Courier. However, despite this latest decision, the consultations that Arnot refers to did not initially result in the Vancouver Pride Society banning uniformed police officers and they were permitted to march in the 2017 Pride Parade. Reached by phone on Wednesday evening, Arnot said that non-uniformed officers will still be permitted, and credited Black Lives Matter chapters for initiating the conversations that led to the decision. As a result, some community groups boycotted it. The LGBTQ refugee support organization Rainbow Refugee joined Black Lives Matter in its boycott against the 2017 Pride Parade. Black Lives Matter Vancouver refused to attend, saying their membership did not feel comfortable with uniformed police officers marching in the parade due to Canada's current and historic police brutality against queer, trans, Black, and Indigenous people, as well as people of colour. ( As reported in the news.