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Partner Mathew: Toronto Spirits and Multicultural Diversity

partner mathew: Each cocktail and snack pairing will represent a different element of these fine individuals and give ode to our great city that has brought them and us together!Sponsored by U-Feast a Rafflecopter giveaway Contest ends December 18, according to NOW Magazine. Chef Gerry a native of Mexico sous chef Mandy of Chinese descent and managing partner Mathew a Canadian native all share different ethnic backgrounds, and have come together to create a happy hour that celebrates each of their backgrounds, plus the multicultural diversity of Toronto in a special way...... with 4 drinks 4 snacks for 30!!To bring it all together, each cocktail will be crafted with 100% local Toronto spirits by Last Straw Distillery, which have inspired the special snack pairings. ( As reported in the news.