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News Outlets: Man and Cbc News

news outlets: Thomas, Ont., strip mall, according to CBC. The family said the man charged at them, unprovoked, before they recorded the confrontation on a cellphone, which has been widely circulated through news outlets and social media. Mark Phillips, 36, was charged on Dec. 8 with aggravated assault and three counts of assault with a weapon in connection with the incident in the parking lot of a St. The video shows a man yelling about terrorists, ISIS and swinging his bat, leaving local man Sergio Estepa with a cracked rib and severe bruising on his back. His portrait still hangs in the accused's parents' home in Toronto, a childhood friend told CBC News. None of the allegations against Phillips has been proven in court. '1112830531773', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container8897627', 'ciid' 'caffeine14441177' ; Family attacked, called terrorists by man wielding bat1 28 Mayor of all the people' Philips' great-grandfather, dubbed the mayor of all the people, was Toronto's first Jewish mayor and is the namesake of Nathan Phillips Square, located outside Toronto city hall. ( As reported in the news.