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News Broadcast: Univision Studios and Time

news broadcast: It's time to go find other audiences, the 62-year-old anchor said in an interview last week at the Univision studios outside Miami, according to Metro News. Her departure comes at a difficult time for many immigrants who view the nightly program as a lifeline for understanding current events. Salinas, who hosts the main news broadcast on Univision with co-anchor Jorge Ramos, has been weighing her departure for several years and says the time is right to pursue independent projects, including some in English. President Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to crack down on illegal immigration, and his administration has increased enforcement efforts and announced plans to cancel several programs that have allowed tens of thousands of people without permanent residency status to stay in the U.S. Some advocates say immigrants will lose an important voice when Salinas steps down this Friday. It's refreshing and inspiring to have someone like her who can sway public opinion, raise her voice and represent the community. She is someone who understands the situation, said Natalia Jaramillo, a spokeswoman for We Belong Together, a group that promotes the rights of immigrant families. ( As reported in the news.