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Mind Parting: Pnp Deposits and Immigrant Investors

mind parting: The story that is actually emerging from this investigation is of climate where government is encouraging prospective immigrants that Prince Edward Island is a fast track to citizenship if you don't mind parting with a large chunk of money along the way, said PC leader James Aylward during question period Tuesday, according to CBC. Cash grab Opposition asks More than half of nominees that were supposed to open a business never even attempted to meet this requirement, said PC MLA Brad Trivers. Chinese business leaders call for more support for PNPbusinessesP.E.I. withholds 18M in PNP deposits from immigrant investors Earlier this month, CBC reported the P.E.I. government brought in 18 million in revenue last year by withholding deposits paid by immigrant investors through the PNP because many did not open a business they were supposed to. Of course, when nominess don't meet these goals, they forfeit 150,000 straight in the government coffers ... Is the PNP set up this way simply so it can be a cash grab for your government No, responded Minister of Economic Development Heath Mac Donald. MacDonald pointed to the PNP as the driver of P.E.I. impressive population growth, leading the country at 1.7 per cent for the 12-month period ending July 1, 2017. I'd be the first one to say that we do not like keeping any of those allocations through those immigrants when they come here. ( As reported in the news.