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Mike Finnerty: Birth Rate and Opinion Poll

mike finnerty: In conversation with Daybreak host Mike Finnerty on Wednesday, he explained why he wants to temporarily curb immigration, boost the birth rate among Quebecers and encourage shop clerks to say bonjour rather than bonjour/hi, according to CBC. Here's the full interview, edited for length and clarity. The latest opinion poll, released Saturday by L ger for Le Devoir, had the CAQ in top spot, four percentage points ahead of the Liberals, and far ahead among francophones, a crucial voting block. Mike Finnerty Are you leading the polls because voters like you and your party, or because they are sick and tired of the Liberals and Parti Qu b cois Fran ois Legault I think it's both. But also they are happy about the measures we propose to put more money in families' wallets. I think that yes, after 15 years of Liberal governments, Quebec needs change to replace a worn-out government. ( As reported in the news.