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Labour Force: Census Data and Vincent Dale

labour force: That trend is most obvious in Toronto, where half the work force in 2016 was immigrants, the highest proportion in Canada, according to Toronto Star. Read more Share of Torontonians taking public transit is on the rise, while reliance on cars declines Article Continued Below More Canadians getting an education and it's paying off, census data reveals In response to a series of social and economic changes, the labour force itself is changing, said Vincent Dale, assistant director of the labour statistics division at Statistics Canada. react-empty 181 The latest census data released Wednesday reveals that between 2005 and 2015, there's been a shift from full-time, year-round employment to part-time or part-year work. And immigrants are making up more and more of the workers, accounting for nearly one-quarter of Canada's labour force in 2016, helping offset the impact of an aging population. Statistics Canada cites several factors for the change, including the 2008 recession, automation as well as personal preference for more flexible work schedules. In 2015, 56.2 per cent of working age men 25 to 54 worked full-time year-round, down from 63.3 per cent a decade earlier and the lowest rate since 1980 when such data was collected for the first time. More people are working part-year rather than part-time, Dale said of the change. ( As reported in the news.