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Jane Doe: Aclu and Court Papers

jane doe: The ACLU earlier this year represented a pregnant teen in the same circumstances in Texas, helping her obtain an abortion following a lawsuit, according to Toronto Star. On Friday evening, the ACLU filed court papers updating the lawsuit filed in that earlier case to include the two additional teens, saying the facts of their cases are similar. Both girls arrived in the country as unaccompanied minors and are being held in federal shelters, the ACLU said, though it didn't say where. The ACLU is asking a federal judge to order the government not to interfere with or obstruct the girls' access to abortions. The same judge previously ruled in favour of the ACLU's first plaintiff, referred to as Jane Doe. Read more White House embarking on major campaign for merit-based immigration structure Article Continued Below Trump and top Democrats reach deal on young immigrants Donald Trump's immigration ban could be an opportunity for Canada, federal documents say Both minors have asked their respective doctors and their shelters for an abortion, but to date, the government has not allowed them to access abortion, the ACLU wrote. react-empty 163 The judge overseeing the case has set a hearing for Monday. ( As reported in the news.