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Indonesian Community: Immigration Crackdown and Syrian Refugees

indonesian community: Sununu insisted the case of the Indonesians was different from that of visitors from the Middle East or Syrian refugees hoping to settle in New Hampshire, according to Metro News. The Indonesians had been in the state for decades, raising families, working and staying out of trouble, he argues. But when Trump's immigration crackdown reached the state's tiny Indonesian community this year, Sununu wrote a letter to his fellow Republican in October in which he said he was respectfully requesting your administration reconsider its decision to deport these individuals and urging it consider a resolution that would allow them to remain in the United States. This really isn't an issue of illegal immigration in the traditional sense. What you have here is a unique situation. That is often what we hear from the Trump administration, and that is an issue that has to be dealt on the national scale, Sununu told The Associated Press in an interview. ( As reported in the news.