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Immigration Critic: Clown Suit and Canadian Woman

immigration critic: It was the political version of the panto guy in the lime green clown suit putting his hands on his hips and terrifying the minion who scurries away with a little bucket, according to Toronto Star. It all took place in a House of Commons committee meeting. When I say staged, I meant a high school play level of acting, the equivalent of a Christmas pantomime with facial expressions stretched to snapping point. As the Globe and Mail reported, the Conservative immigration critic in every sense of the word Michelle Rempel said The Canadian Press had seen a draft guide back in July that no longer contained the advice that FGM is a crime. In its pages, no Canadian woman has ever invented anything, though they enjoy tobogganing, cuddling and walking on streets and bridges. Now the government's Discover Canada guide is a drab dated thing ripe for renovation. ( As reported in the news.