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Immigration Consultant: Canmax and Company

immigration consultant: In addition, since 2011, Canmax has faced a series of lawsuits from immigration customers who say the company made big promises but failed to deliver, according to CBC. In the wake of those concerns, Canmax changed its name to Wilson Legal Consulting in 2014. In 2013, the government suspended the immigration consultant connected to Canmax, after discovering the company had offered almost 100 fake jobs to Chinese nationals seeking permanent residence in Canada through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. But the company continued to operate out of the same Toronto office space with the other Canmax group of companies. The two companies told prospects an investment in the mall was a ticket to permanent residence in Canada. From that location, it offered immigration services in close partnership with Brightenview Development International and its proposed Dundurn, Sask. megamall. ( As reported in the news.