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Immigration Backlog and Family Photos

year: All they can do is look at the family photos they brought with them from the last time they were together back home often when the children were still very young, according to Toronto Star. This year, caregivers stuck in the immigration backlog have launched a letter-writing campaign, encouraging Canadians to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen asking them for the mercy of clearing the backlog and reuniting their families. For many of the caregivers, some waiting for as long as seven years for the permanent residency to reunite with their families, Christmas is the hardest and loneliest moment of the year. At a recent town hall meeting, Hussen said he sympathized with the caregivers' situation and boasted that the backlog has come down to the current 23,000 applications from the peak of 62,000 in 2014. Article Continued Below Four caregivers, in Toronto and elsewhere, are sharing their personal letters to Trudeau and Hussen, explaining why even waiting one more year is too long. The government hopes to clear 80 per cent of the backlog by the end of 2018. ( As reported in the news.