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Holiday Season: December Concerts and Gail Williams

holiday season: Reports from the front lines of a perceived war on Christmas began to surface more than 25 years ago as culturally diverse cities and towns in the GTA attempted to make the holiday season more inclusive, according to Toronto Star. Darkness and fear fell over the land. The season of dissent when godless grinches, decapitated camel statues and political correctness run amok took the fa-la-la-la-la out of Christmases past. Christmas has all of a sudden become a bad word, fumed Gail Williams after the Toronto District School Board suggested that December concerts be given secular names such as winter festival and holiday happening. Article Continued Below Many educators are scared silly of the C-word, agreed Toronto Star columnist Frank Jones. Let's not get to the point where we're losing our culture or our heritage, argued Williams, whose children attended Runnymede elementary school. ( As reported in the news.