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Government Aid: Adriana Domeniconi and Matteo Salvini

government aid: To do so, Salvini needs to build support in the south, an underdeveloped area of Italy the League has long denigrated as living off government aid, according to Metro News. Many of the thousands of people who turned out for his Rome rally did come from southern Italy. Matteo Salvini wants to propel his anti-migrant Northern League, which was founded in 1991 as a regional party in Italy's affluent north, to its first premiership in the national election set for early 2018. One of them was Adriana Domeniconi, who travelled by bus from Matera in the instep of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula. Domeniconi was referring to the hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers and economic migrants that have received shelter in Italy after being rescued at sea from traffickers' boats setting out from the Libyan coast. We're no longer about north vs. south, but against those invading our country, she said. ( As reported in the news.