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Decision-Making Bodies: Gender Parity and Practices Need

decision-making bodies: Gender parity but little diversity in Val rie Plante's executive committee Quebec's controversial consultations into systemic racism get new mandate, name Among its objectives are highlighting major issues concerning discrimination and diversity, and identifying what practices need to be put in place, according to CBC. The roundtable will be expected to make recommendations on the best ways to diversify municipal decision-making bodies. Made up of about a dozen members of Montreal's different cultural communities, the roundtable will meet regularly at City Hall during the next year with the goal of making Montreal more inclusive, according to a source within the Plante administration. It will also look at the employment and recruitment of visible minorities in public services and their access to social housing. They will be expected to present a list of recommendations by December 2018. The roundtable is expected to meet with Mayor Val rie Plante, or if needed, her press attach every two months to go over their work. ( As reported in the news.