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Cnn Report: Myanmar Authorities and Repatriation Agreement

cnn report: All refugees would only return if they wished it, both countries agreed, according to Toronto Star. Though these terms may sound promising, there are serious underlying legal and political problems to this agreement that must be considered carefully. Neither Bangladeshi nor Myanmar authorities have released a copy of the repatriation agreement, but some details have been revealed to the press.A recent CNN report suggests Myanmar agreed there would be no restrictions on the number of Rohingya allowed to return, and that there would be no legal consequences for refugees who voluntarily decided to return, unless they had been involved with terrorism. On a recent statement from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, indicated it was not a party to the agreement, though it was referenced in the document text. The UN stated that Rohingya people have lost family members, relatives, and friends. Article Continued Below While the UN encouraged both Bangladesh and Myanmar's effort to work on a comprehensive and durable solution, the UN expressed its concerns about many Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh before and after Aug. 25 who have suffered severe violence and trauma. ( As reported in the news.