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Citizenship: Cbc News and Parliamentarians Mps

citizenship: At least 22 of them have citizenship from other countries, CBC News confirmed through queries to parliamentarians' offices, according to CBC. That figure does not include MPs and senators who hold citizenship through descent, naturalization or marriage. There are now at least 56 sitting parliamentarians 44 MPs and 12 senators born in countries outside Canada, according to information from the Library of Parliament and websites. Canadian MPs hold citizenship from various countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Portugal, Poland, Pakistan, Syria, the United States and the United Kingdom. Several Australian parliamentarians have been forced to resign, produce documentation, or had their case sent to the High Court for review, leaving Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government without its majority and facing a possible early election. Australian deputy PM disqualified due to dual citizenship Why is there a parliamentary gender gap That dual citizenship would disqualify them from holding office in Australia, where Section 44 of the Constitution bars anyone who is a citizen of a foreign power from sitting in Parliament. ( As reported in the news.