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Category: Province and Immigration Rules

category: Having that category really allows us to expand who we can open our doors to.'- Dorothy Keating Recent data shows there are 2,000 fewer people in the province than there were just a year ago; Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province in Canada to see its population drop over the last 12 months, according to CBC. Need for entrepreneur category Board chair Dorothy Keating said while the provincial government has taken some steps toward attracting new immigrants, the board would like to see the creation of an entrepreneur category to its immigrant nominee program so that the province can bring in business owners from other countries. John's Board of Trade says it's time for the province to change its immigration rules. Not-so-new Canadian How welcoming is N.L. for immigrants Foreign student says immigrants leaving N.L. because finding meaningful work too difficult Under the current program, people must be sponsored with a job lined up in the province to apply for immigration. In an emailed response to CBC, a spokesperson for the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour said the government is exploring opportunities to introduce new categories to its immigration policy, and already supports international students looking to establish businesses through the startup visa program. If they are entrepreneurs, and we get this category open to welcome individuals in who will create their own positions and positions for others, that will allow us to really expand on who can come in and what can be achieved here, Keating said. ( As reported in the news.