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Canadian Press: Montreal and I Hope

canadian press: The consistent and sustained rise in the polls of the legislature's third-largest party, the federalist Coalition Avenir Quebec, reflects this new reality, according to National Observer. Polling indicates the six-year-old party has a serious shot at government including a majority without needing to win a single seat on the island of Montreal, a breakdown that hasn't happened in Quebec's modern political history. There is a new division in Quebec, between those living in Montreal and citizens elsewhere in the province. Whether or not it's possible to win without Montreal, I hope to and I will have a certain number of ridings on the island, Coalition Leader Fran ois Legault said during an end-of-year interview with The Canadian Press. A party needs to win 63 seats to form a majority government. Quebec has 125 ridings, including 27 on the island of Montreal. ( As reported in the news.