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Book Tour: Canada and Election I

book tour: No two nations in the world are closer than Canada and the U.S. Your commitment to a diverse and open society that welcomes immigrants, your devotion to human rights, are an inspiration.I know that many Canadians closely followed the 2016 election, according to National Observer. I know many Canadians are still scratching your heads that my opponent could win.'Those damn emails'In the past I've often felt like I had to be careful in pubic and keep my guard up. I am beyond delighted to be able to sit here looking out that window at the mountains from the stage of the Vancouver Convention Centre. ; I started my book tour in Canada and now I'm ending in Canada. In the book, I pull back the curtain on some of the wildest times in history. I'm very grateful to the 65.8 million Americans who supported my campaign. I talk about moments I'd like to forget like in a chapter called Those damn emails. ( As reported in the news.