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Board: Claims and Cent

board: Of those finalized cases, updated data show 54 per cent were accepted down from 60 per cent when the board last reported the data, according to The Chronicle Herald. Only eight per cent of Haitians who make up the majority of claims have been accepted, down from 10 per cent. As of the end of November, the Immigration and Refugee Board says 16,522 asylum claims were received from people who've crossed the border illegally and 2,198 of those have been completed. Over 43,000 claims in total have been sent to the IRB so far this year, a number not seen since a high of 44,000 claims in 2001. Failed claimants do also have the right to appeal. The board cautions it's premature to draw conclusions about border crossers based on the small number of claims finalized so far. ( As reported in the news.