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Akayed Ullah: Subway Station and Islamic State

akayed ullah: He also told law enforcement officers at the hospital where he was taken with burn injuries to the body and hands I did it for the Islamic State, according to the complaint, according to CTV. His rush-hour attack fizzled in a long walkway used by commuters moving between trains in the city's busiest subway station at Times Square. Akayed Ullah posted a statement on his Facebook account just before the Monday morning attack, stating Trump you failed to protect your nation, the criminal complaint said. Three pedestrians complained of harmed hearing and headaches after the bomb went off. During a search of his Brooklyn apartment, investigators recovered a passport with the words O America, die in rage scrawled in it, the complaint says. Ullah, 27, was expected to appear before a magistrate judge, though it was not immediately clear if he was well enough to go to court. ( As reported in the news.