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Aegean Seas: Czech Republic and Eu Borders

aegean seas: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte still thought it was shameless and said shirking responsibility by not taking in their share would wither the EU. If we allow this then we get an EU where people go to shop for whatever they like, and give little back, he said, according to The Chronicle Herald. Greece and Italy have had to play host to tens of thousands of migrants who have landed there after crossing the Mediterranean or Aegean seas, severely stretching the two countries' resources. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia announced that they planned to spend around 35 million euros 41 million to beef up EU borders after the four countries known as the Visegrad Four were criticized for failing to show solidarity with the rest of the bloc. They have called for help from EU partners. We need solidarity not just in regulating and steering migration ... on the external borders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country has taken in the largest number of refugees, said the announcement by the Visegrad nations was welcome but not enough. ( As reported in the news.