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Action Centre: Caregivers and Caregiver Applicants

action centre: But caregiver advocates say the government is still not doing enough to address inherent inequalities in the program, which allows caregivers to apply for permanent residency after they have worked in Canada for two years, according to Toronto Star. Anna Malla, an organizer with the Caregivers' Action Centre, said caregivers should be granted permanent residency upon arrival, like other classes of economic immigrants. While many live-in caregiver applicants have faced long delays and family separation, they can rest assured that they will soon receive a positive decision on their application, Hussen said at a news conference at Christina's Panciteria, a Filipino restaurant in North York. If the Liberals were really committed to family reunification, they would be looking at some of these bigger issues, Malla said, adding that granting caregivers permanent residency upon arrival is the only way to ensure they can assert their rights. Minister Hussen said it's important work, so we want to see a commitment on that same note. Care work is real work; it's important work. ( As reported in the news.