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Yellowknife Residents: Bhangra and Jeff Saini

yellowknife residents: We feel so proud of this,' says Jeff Saini, one of the Bhangra performers, according to CBC. Kayla Rosen/CBC Because Bhangra has been going on for centuries and we being Punjabis and being Indians, we were the first ones to do this in Yellowknife, this is so great. Whitehorse Bhangra dancer shows off Yukon to the world I want to say that we are the pioneers of Bhangra in the Northwest Territories and I, and all of our group, we feel so proud of this, said Jeff Saini, one of the Bhangra performers. It was important to Saini to perform Bhangra in Yellowknife, because he believes that life should be about spreading joy. The dancers want Yellowknife residents to join in. I wanted to show to the world, you know, see, wherever we go we have fun, it doesn't matter where you are, you just have to do what you have to do, live your life and enjoy your life, he said. ( As reported in the news.