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World War: Immigration Journey and Piano Chops

world war: Rating NNNIn Trace, Jeff Ho weaves an intricate and harrowing account of his family's immigration journey between two places, Hong Kong and Toronto, according to NOW Magazine. Combining his animated acting and virtuoso piano chops there are two pianos on either side of the stage Ho seamlessly integrates classical and show tunes into his complex story. See listing. The multi-generational, transnational, non-linear narrative includes many characters but focuses mostly on Ho's cigarette- and mah-jong-obsessed grandmother and her escape from China to then-British Hong Kong during the Second World War, and Ho's own experience arriving in Toronto as a child along with his mother's extreme efforts to secure a middle-class existence. Things become clearer as the narrative progresses, but a family tree primer in the program, or perhaps some onstage signaling of where/when a certain scene is taking place would go a long way. With Ho's fast-paced switching between characters, time and place it can be a bit hard to follow at the outset. ( As reported in the news.